Your personal on-demand
ground station service

Stay connected to your satellites
Reliable storage for the data from your communication sessions
Convenient API and visualization of the telemetry data
Global network of ground stations
Real-time connection
Network of Ground Stations
Network of ground stations covering every continent. Fast switching between stations, various bands, and modulations.
Intention-Revealing Interface
Estimation of the upcoming sessions. Data storage without additional charges. Session timing charts. Visualization of the telemetry data.
Easy Software Integration with the Automation Systems via the GRID API
The API for real-time connections. Minimal connection delays. Easy integration with your existing processes and automation systems.
Who is the GRID service for?
For the owners of nanosats in the orbit: advance in research activities
  • More communication sessions in the required latitudes
  • Stable communication channel
  • Automatic saving of the session data
  • Telemetry monitoring and alerts of critical situations
  • Public API for integration into your ecosystem and for automation
For education facilities and laboratories: launch nanosats for research activities
  • Training to work with satellites
  • Assistance with winning grants for laboratories
  • Researches on the low earth orbit
  • Launching nanosats with your payload
For the owners of ground stations: unlock the potential capabilities
  • An opportunity to join an extensive network of ground stations on special terms
  • Access to the other stations in the network
  • Consulting on further development
We will back you up

We have a vast experience, from the very first drafts to the launch. If you want to launch a satellite and don’t know what to start with, we would be happy to offer you support, training, and assistance at all the stages of your project. GRID becomes stronger with a team.

Cut down your launch and communication expenses
No need to buy and maintain your own ground station
Support, training and consulting services for your specialists
Fixed rates per minute of communication
More sessions and transmitted information
No intermediaries or endless negotiations
What has already been done
4 ground stations already deployed
16 trackable satellites in the orbit
Early Access Program
The API, documentation and interface for visualization of the telemetry data
Cloud storage for the data from your satellites
Starter kit for new stations in the partner program
Case Studies
NORBY (developed by OKB5/NSU)
NORBY (developed by OKB5/NSU)
NORBY (developed by OKB5/NSU)
NORBY (developed by OKB5/NSU)
Launched on September 28, 2020 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on Soyuz-2.1B carrier rocket. Connected to the GRID with more than 175 ths. data packets received so far.

Radiocommunication: 436.7 MHz, GFSK/LoRa

- DECOR radiation detector (SINP MSU)
- SpaceFibre/SpaceWire interface blocks (AO ISS, AO Elvis, State SUAI, Thales Alenia Space)

- Monitoring of ionizing radiation in the outer space for the Russian meteorological service
The benefits of early access
Connection to the global network of ground stations
  • We provide access to a sufficiently stable system with functional ground stations and API. You will not have to wait for the full launch—start to use our communication system now.
Minimum investments in the infrastructure
  • At the early access stage, we are ready to discuss special terms and conditions and do everything we can to provide you with more opportunities.
Free starter kit for ground stations
  • We will provide equipment and help you build a ground station on your site. The kit includes everything you will need: antenna rotator, SDR transceiver, mini PC, antenna, videocamera, telecommunications cabinet, etc.
Integration of the GRID with satellites on the orbit
  • We will connect the GRID to an existing satellite and make the onboarding simple. It will take minimal efforts on your part—we will help!
Apply for early access and get a reply within 24 hours
Commercial launch in
Frequently Asked Questions
What modulations and protocols are supported?
Our ground stations are based on the software-defined radio (SDR) systems and thus we can add support of any protocols and modulations with minimum efforts. At this point, we support LoRa, (G)FSK and (G)MSK modulations. If you need support for any other modulations, just let us know.
What is required for connection to the system?
Contact us if you want to connect an existing satellite or a satellite that is going to be launched to the GRID. We will be happy to provide you with the required support, training and assistance at every stage of the project.
Can we get equipment to build our own ground station?
We are interested in expanding the network of ground stations, and may allow the use of starter kits to universities and laboratories. Later, it will be possible to get the required equipment under a grant, and if needed, we can consult you on the additional requirements and provide technical recommendations.